Monthly Volunteer Profiles

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December 2017

Chuck Malatesta:  Habitat for Humanity

As an IVC volunteer, I have been serving at Habitat for Humanity for the past three years.  I work on Tuesdays at Habitat’s headquarters on Cermak Road and Carpenter Street. There, I do paperwork for the construction manager and the Construction Department.  On Thursdays, I work at the construction job site which is on Union Avenue between 119th and 120th Streets.  At the site, I do whatever physical construction work I am asked to do — building a wooden gate or porch, tiling the walls of a bathroom, cutting plywood sheets for the roof of a house, wiring up the doorbell system for a house, etc.  Some of the disorganization at the site can be frustrating, but I understand that my role is to support and serve rather than lead.  I try to focus on the mission of Habitat and I find it very rewarding to work alongside the potential homeowners who are fulfilling the sweat equity work that Habitat requires of them.