Current Volunteers

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1st row (L to R): Richard Pabst, Patrice Johannes, Jackie Fitzgerald, Mary Ellen Smajo, Susan McGowan, Marta Sayeed, Liz Cardona, Sharon Zandell, Becky Mulkerrin, Mary Frances Jablonskis, Hope Gillespie, Maureen Kennedy Barney, Joan Brennan, Susan McHugh; 2nd row (L to R): Maura Rogan, Susan Lucas, Kathleen Donnelly, OP, Charles Lucas, Hallie Burhoe, Patricia Burke, Peter Goschy, Camille Devaney, Jean Schuett, Joan Dixey, George Casson, Judy Coswell, Mary Amelse, Frani Luehrs; 3rd row (L to R): Fr,. Jim Dixon, SJ, William Kniest, Richard Shea, Jorge Caicedo, Ruth Terry, Michael Philipp, Michael Tyrrell, Richard Pozdol, Paul Krug, Gary Gardner, Timothy O’Brien, Richard Schenk; Top row (L to R): Jim Sweany, Mark Avery, Michael Galbreath, John VanVranken, Michael Schrauth, James McLaughlin, John Meade, Michael McGillicuddy, Charles Malatesta. Missing from photo: Fr. Jack O’Callaghan, SJ, Kenneth Campagna, Susan Carsello, John Conniff, Janet DeRaleau, Susan Gatziollis, Don Gimbel, Andrew Gore, Lorraine Hahn, Lucia Hall, John Hynes, Patrick McCourt, John Montgomery, Domenica Moroney, Richard Sibbernsen, George Valentine

 From our volunteers…

“I feel truly blessed to be associated with IVC. The experience of tutoring young immigrants, along with the support of IVC colleagues, has enabled me to grow spiritually in my own life.” –John

“IVC has given me the opportunity and challenge of living my faith and deepening my spirituality.  It has helped me to have a sense of purpose in my retirement.” –Joan

Volunteering with IVC has helped my faith grow immeasurably, through my service, through our monthly meetings and reflections. My placement is with a religious outreach for people with mental illness on Chicago’s west side. This work is an opportunity to be companions in faith with these men and women. Our monthly IVC gatherings give me a chance with others who are also doing God’s work. All good! –Don

“For me, IVC is a way to give back and to see God in everything” –Jorge

“I have been in IVC for 8 years. Previously, I tried two other volunteer programs but wasn’t able to sustain my volunteer commitment because there was no support. The IVC monthly meetings and reflection program have made all the difference…” –Mary

“IVC is the ultimate combination of giving and receiving. It’s this balance that makes it so appealing.” —Mike

“Through IVC I am evangelized by those I am called to serve.” –Camille