Volunteer Opportunities

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IVC Buffalo is working to fill these volunteer position(s).

If interested in any of our volunteer opportunities, please complete the IVC Volunteer Application, and either mail it or email it to Ms. Minnie Wyse, IVC Buffalo Regional Director, c/o  St. Michael’s Church, 651 Washington St, Buffalo, NY 14203 email: mwyse@ivcusa.org

1. Computer networking, Hardware, Software, Educational and Instructional Technologies. Willing to work directly with faculty, staff and students.

2. Program Director to build a curriculum for a daytime rehabilitation program

3. Technology and Computer Educator for a pre-employment services department.

4. Social services resource person to assist employees of a not-for-profit agency. Social Services background helpful. The agency hires a number of former clients who when they begin to receive a paycheck immediately have to deal with cancellation of any government support benefits.