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Online Application System

Eliana works in an administrative role for her agency, recording donations from grants and individuals, keeping the donor database up-to-date, creating correspondence for donors, and generating reports to support their social services programs.

Baltimore Application For Membership

  • In the following sections, please describe your Education, Work Experience, and any Past Volunteer Work. You may include this information in a separate resume. Please note, that extensive education or experience is not required for membership in IVC.

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, jpg.
  • Volunteer Questionnaire:

  • Safe Environment Training Questions:

  • 5. Many IVC partner organizations will ask volunteers to comply with their own volunteer application process as well. You may be asked to participate in a training program or give permission to the agency to perform a background check. You could be asked questions such as the following:

    • Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?
    • Have you ever been charged with neglect, abuse or assault?
    • Do you use illegal drugs?
    • Has your driver’s license ever been suspended or revoked in any state?
  • References.

    Please list two references who we may contact. Both should be able to assess your general character and suitability for IVC. One should be able to reflect on your work or community experience, and the other on your spiritual motivation.

  • Membership Commitment:

    Membership in the IVC requires a commitment to both volunteer service among the materially poor and an openness to deepening your own spiritual life. Membership runs from September through June of the following year. In light of this requirement, are you willing to commit to the following?

  • I hereby grant my consent to the Ignatian Volunteer Corps copyright and publication rights of my photograph and image. I understand that this photo may be used in multiple media including; print, video, and website media. I further grant the Ignatian Volunteer Corps, its assignees, contractors, licensees, sponsors, and transferees the right to print my name with the photograph/image.