Volunteer Opportunities – Twin Cities

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It is exciting to learn that the IVC story is becoming better known in the Twin Cities and we have a great reputation for extending staff in agencies that are working with the poor and vulnerable.  There are seven non-profit service agencies who would like to add IVC volunteers in the fall.  They are:

  • Cookie Cart – Looking for 2 volunteers to mentor teens
  • Alliance Housing – Looking for a 1-day per week volunteer
  • Learning in Style— Looking for 2  teaching assistants to work with adults
  • Minnesota Internship Center High School (MNIC) – Looking for educators and those with office management experience
  • East Side Neighborhood Services—Registered Nurse needed for working with the elderly
  • East Side Neighborhood Services – Job placement for Seniors
  • Community Emergency Services – Community Outreach in distressed neighborhoods
  • Christo Rey Jesuit High School – Educators looking to work in a school environment

These organizations are looking for people with nursing skills, teaching backgrounds, computer skills, legal backgrounds, social work and administration expertise, childcare and parenting skills.   If any of these sites may be of interest to you, contact Kathleen Groh at kgroh@ivcusa.org or call her at 651-777-0991.

Fresh new sites are popping up all the time, so apply for IVC membership and we’ll make the needed connections for you!

IVC Volunteers Ready for Placement  

If you are a Nonprofit Organization looking for volunteers to fill critical opening in your organization, IVC is looking for volunteers ready for placement, please contact Kathleen Groh at kgroh@ivcusa.org regarding the placement of one or more qualified and skilled volunteers.