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IVC St. Louis volunteers gathered on August 26th at the Mercy Conference & Retreat Center for a Commissioning Ceremony and Renewal Day to kick-off its 11th year of service to the St. Louis community.  The morning began with an orientation for 10 new IVC members followed by what felt like a “family reunion” as former members became reacquainted and welcomed new volunteers!

Fr. Ron Mercier, S.J., Provincial for the USA Central and Southern Province, and Fr. Dan Daly, S.J., the Province Treasurer, graciously concelebrated our Mass and presided at the commissioning ceremony of the new members.

The morning prayer was one of gratitude for the privilege of being a volunteer and reflecting on the members’ hopes and aspirations for this new IVC year. It was wonderful seeing many of our dedicated and generous spiritual reflectors at this year’s Eucharistic celebration and lunch. 




Mary Baudouin, Assistant to the UCS Provincial for Social Ministries, was our key guest speaker and initiated this year’s theme with an inspiring presentation on “Reconciliation- with God, Humanity and Planet Earth”.  Afterwards, small groups discussed and  shared some practical ways in which  this theme to be applied in our volunteer sites and homes.

After a closing on our growth & hopes for the coming year, we departed feeling nourished, renewed and excited for IVC journeys during 2017-18!