Frequently Asked Questions

What is IVC?

Charlie Costello SJ and Jim Conroy SJ co-founded IVC in 1995.

Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC), a faith‐based, nonprofit organization, was founded in 1995 by two Jesuit priests: Jim Conroy, S.J. and Charlie Costello, S.J. IVC is a service corps that matches men and women 50 years of age and over, either retired or semi‐retired, in service to low income, vulnerable and marginalized people served by IVC partner nonprofit organizations in part‐time staff level positions and projects. The organization’s formal mission is for volunteers to serve the poor, work for a just society, and to grow deeper in their faith by reflecting and praying in the Ignatian tradition individually and in community with other IVC service corps members.

IVC corps members commit one or two days a week for 10 months a year to their service agency. Because of their depth of professional experience and skills, level of commitment, length of service and maturity and wisdom of their stage in life, members of IVC’s service corps are highly desired and respected in their service sites. They greatly increase the capacity of the service agencies enabling them to use precious resources well, enhance their service and reach more people in need.

How many service corps members are there and where do they serve?

Over 600 volunteers are currently serving in 20 regions, 22 cities nationwide: Albany, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, DC/Metro Maryland, Denver, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New England (Boston, Worcester and Providence), New Orleans, New York, Northern Virginia, Omaha, Philadelphia, Portland ME, San Diego, Saint Louis, Scranton and Syracuse.

What is the national/regional business model and why is it efficient and effective?

IVC is a 501(c)(3) governed by a National Board of Directors. IVC utilizes a centralized model for overall governance and management that offers essential core services in strategic growth, financial management and stewardship, human resources, personnel management, and development. Each region is led by a Director with the guidance, advice and support of a local Regional Advisory Council. National operations provide the structure and full range of essential services that allows the region to focus on developing the local IVC core community and the mission of IVC corps members.

Why is IVC launching a major campaign?

IVC is presently expanding the Currie Alumni Partnership for Service (CAPS). This initiative is a direct response to Jesuit colleges and universities seeking to identify activities that enable their alumni to continue the Ignatian traditions rooted in their early college experience ‐ “service, leadership and caring for the whole person.” This partnership leverages the IVC program structure and resources with the academic institutions and enables Jesuit colleges, universities, and high schools to strengthen their relationships with alumni reaching retirement by offering them an opportunity for service through a Jesuit‐initiated service organization. After obtaining successful results from the pilot project, IVC will launch a nationwide partnership with US‐based Jesuit high schools, colleges and universities. Campaign funds will also enhance key support areas including advancement, technology, human resources, marketing and communications, as well as build an operating reserve fund to manage revenue streams and long-term planning that will provide the infrastructure to support the increase in corps members throughout the organization and the accompanying need to identify more partner agencies where these members will serve. Future growth will be supported by fundraising and agency partnership fees.

How will campaign funds be used?

To support the anticipated growth of IVC and its initiatives, the funds will be allocated over three years to establish at the National Office an Advancement Office with a Director and support staff; procure database and customer relationship management systems; and create a staff position to provide ongoing management of the CAPS initiative. It is anticipated that the Advancement operation will be self-sustaining and revenue‐generating following the campaign, in addition to the professional structure and support that will further increase the capacity of regional fundraising efforts, regional expansion and/or new regions, and volunteer engagement. We will also use funds to support regional infrastructural expansion to accommodate the increase in volume of volunteers and partner agencies.

What is the campaign fundraising goal?

$3 million.

How can I make a pledge or donation?

Complete the pledge form and submit to: Mary McGinnity, President/CEO, 740 N Calvert St. #500, Baltimore, MD 21202. Phone: 410‐752‐4686. Checks may be made payable to Ignatian Volunteer Corps or you can make a gift at, designating the gift for the Ignite Capital Campaign.

Will the campaign accept challenge grants?

Yes, we invite you to work with IVC to position your challenge grant to inspire giving.

May I restrict my gift/pledge for a specific purpose?

Yes, IVC honors donor intent. We have several opportunities for you to consider how you would like your contribution to be used to help support IVC and feel assured of its designated intent.

Will there be recognition for those who give?

Yes, including naming opportunities. Should you wish to remain anonymous we will honor your request.

What is the difference between the Annual Fund and the Capital Campaign?

IVC raises funds on an annual basis through direct mail appeals, events, grant applications, and individual solicitations for current (“day‐to‐day”) operations. Capital campaign funds will support the growth of IVC and increase our ability to serve more people in need. Our annual fund sustains only our current level of operations.