A Fresh Start

My two college-age children are scampering around the house this morning collecting their stuff to go back to school for the second semester.  Gathering items, packing suitcases, there is heightened energy as they anticipate the promise of new courses and sports seasons.  There’s excitement of the feeling of a fresh start.  New Year, new semesters, winter silence that brings a new spring – whether marked by human calendars or nature’s rhythms, fresh starts embody the power and energy of hope.

Fresh starts, pushing the reset button on life, allow God’s potential in us and for us to take shape.  We may fail, experience setbacks or rework the vision and goals, but each new beginning is a claim that we are something more – something more for God.

One of the most challenging reset buttons that gets pushed is when a person is re-entering public life after completing his or her prison sentence. Across our country, a country that ranks #1 in incarceration, men and women leaving prison are attempting to push a very difficult restart button.  IVC volunteers assigned to work with them during this transition provide practical guidance and hope and make a real difference.  I invite you to read one of these stories.

Without you the work of IVC is not possible.  Thank you for making hope a reality, and may your fresh starts this year bring you closer to God’s fullness of life for you.