Expressing Our Gratitude for You!

Greetings to our IVC Community,

Mary profile pic 11-15 1IVC is an organization rooted in gratitude. I hear it in so many of the conversations that I have with Ignatian Volunteers. These are men and women who are thankful for God’s blessings and come to IVC to give back and make a difference in this world.. I stand in awe of their generosity of time and spirit and the work that they do in agencies, transforming lives. And what they always tell me so sincerely and with inspiring humility is that they are grateful for their IVC experiences, and they receive so much in return.

There are many instances of clients who express gratitude for their relationships with Ignatian Volunteers. Sometimes these thanks come in the form of a smile, a gesture of kindness, a word of gratitude. I share a few of these gratitude moments with you and hope you will take a moment to bask in them:

  • An Ignatian Volunteer in New York shares the story of a homeless woman who he’d worked with who called him on his cell phone, and, choking back sobs, said, “Guess where I’m calling from? My new apartment.”
  • One of our long-time Spiritual Reflectors tells of a man coming out of prison and an Ignatian Volunteer who was helping him craft his resume to apply for a job. When the volunteer identified the client’s skills and wrote them in a positive way, the reaction was touching.  With tears in his eyes, the man said, “No one’s ever seen that in me. No one’s ever said anything positive about me.”
  • A New England Volunteer received a pile of colorful handwritten, illustrated thank-you cards from students at the school where he serves at the end of the school year. One said, “Thank you for supporting me this year. I could have never have made it this far without you!”

We express our deepest gratitude to you for the many ways you support the Ignatian Volunteer Corps.  You make the stories we share possible.  On behalf of those we serve – thank you.   When we make a difference YOU make a difference and create a better world.