A Message from Mary McGinnity, President & CEO

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Dear Friends,


When was the last time you broadened your horizons? Not like taking a trip to a far-off land. I’m talking about the last time your vision of life actually expanded.

In this issue, you will read about one of our Corps members in Minneapolis who mentors young teens from tough neighborhoods. One of the greatest impacts he makes is helping them see greater possibilities for their lives, beyond the mean streets they know, beyond rival gangs, beyond landing just any job.

In these last days of Lent and into the first days of Jesus’ Resurrection, I find myself reflecting on how Jesus’ death is not what we would envision for an all-powerful God. But in His resurrection, God expands our minds and hearts to a vision of life beyond our imagining. 

If we could envision the world as God’s love would propel it to be, what would it look like? What has to die for that vision to be realized?

Hope is always born through “love in deeds of service.”

I invite you to expand your vision of what a more love-filled world would look like. Now go and broaden your horizons. 

A most joyous Easter to all,